This table will be of interest to most Healers and Aroma therapists.

It was designed one day when I was trying to explain to someone the difference between various aspects of care and love.
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Jacks Rainbow
The elements depicted in this table are meant as a guide not a 'rule'. The table depicts how colors affect the different aspects of the body-soul-mind -energies and healing.The table is read downwards in columns with the heading first. The column below each heading should be self explanatory, where a a cell is not divided into column(s) it encompasses all the cells to the left and right of it. Although some colors may appear to be in the wrong column this is done to make the chart less complex, i.e. pink is shown as green - but should encompass from the center of the yellow column - to two thirds across the green column.
DO NOT use essential oils directly on the skin, and consult an Aroma therapist before using oils if you are pregnant, breast feeding, or have high or low blood pressure. Also Citrus oils (madarin-lemon-etc. can sensitize the skin to sunlight). The essential oils shown can be used for any aspect in the column above or below them, but remember there are many essential oils which do not have a specific color rating. But in the hands of an Aroma therapist will work as well or better than those depicted in the table.

The Gemstone and mineral section is self explanatory. But as with the oils remember there is a special way of preparing and 'cleansing' stones and minerals for the use in this type of work. Also if people other than yourself or your healer touch the stones its properties and powers may well be changed, or even become detrimental - until it is again properly cleansed and powered.
The items depicted are only a minor précis of using color -oils and stones for the healing of body soul - mind and energy channels. When performed correctly and used with traditional healing methods they become very powerful sources of healing.
This chart is not designed to show you how to use the power and qualities depicted within - but to the many healers who will know or use some or all of the methods depicted - plus the many not depicted or mentioned, this chart may prove of interest, or help them and the lay person understand or develop their own chart for the benefit of themselves and other healers.

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