The rain at pithead us did drown
As we stood waiting for the cage
And round Cooks Kitchen winding gear
A howling wind did rage

Then up from deep came carriage grand
Six men to each plush seat
Or was it push and sidle in?
Bend your head and still your feet?

Then smoothly as a Rolls Royce car
We did descend with grace
Three eighty fathoms we did drop
With lamp to light each others face

Then at the bottom to alight
To a tunnel warm and bold
And there a great conveyer belt
From the depth below it rolled

A forty degree descending slope
To the bottom we did home
And there we met an Emco
Who down a track did roam

Two miners who had fanned a blast
Were clearing a back stoop
Mind, pressure rock explosions
Put the ore right down a chute

The hanging wall is on a stull
Stuff digger sorting ore
A grading grid, a cousin jack
And heat; you need no more

Now into Roskear four forty deep
Long drilling with squashed air
Then a trip into a magazine
Power gel and cortex pair

Then walking back to firing box
To bang the ore with ease
Then lots of air to clear the smoke
It's faster with a breeze

Then into croust while smoke does ease
Then wash the face - enter the earl
Who loads it into waggons
Which to the chute do whirl

Then onto belt man riding mode
Skip and land and poise
And ride the rubber up the slope
With very little noise

Then off you leap and walk some more
To where the engines charge and rest
And on into a cavern grand
Show skill of drill, and charge; at best

Then on conveyor up again
You ride to meet the cage
Closely followed up by ore
Dropped down chute with spark and rage

Into cage with triple bounce
We start our upward trip
And meet the rain drops coming down
It's Englands Easter grip!

With thanks, for enjoyment unsurpassable
To a truly marvellous guide
And a trip that was memorial
And my workmate by my side.

With thanks to, Bruce and Nick.

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