Links To Research Sources And Other Useful Pages
The links below contain resources I have found invaluable in my research

Searching Genealogical records a site found by a youth group in America, and recomended to me by them. 
A site sent to me from Steve, "Home Advice Guide"
A comprehensive site with aolt of links, well worth a visit.

Search on line ***** Find free ancestry search resources using the same methods professional genealogists’ use in their online ancestry search. ****** An invaluable source for everything.
It is our DNA ethnicity page, an introductory feature of our site that might be of value to your readers. I have included it here.   

Family **** A good source of  info may show certificate error but is ok! **** One I have just started using.

Istg ****** The most wonderful site for finding emigrants, immigrants and ships manifests.

Vodian An excellent site for starting, found by Kelly & Katie twins.

Gen *** Seems to be a good site but only briefly used.

Good search site ***** A good starting place for census and Pittway info.

Genuki Site ****Another excellent site. ****Another good site to start from.

Weekly Online Genealogy Newsletter

Links Looks an excellent site for different look ups, try it!

Various search facilities Looks to have excellent potential, but my surname never gives returns!

A site finder for genealogists **** Not yet totally explored but appears good.

Roots ***** Roots web a good site but appears to use others information.

Ship transcribers *****Excellent for finding immigrants & emmigrants. **** A good site but beginners can find it hard to navigate. Difficult to escape from. ***** A good searchable site

Unzippers *****Just one site from where you can download an unzipper.

Site Found By children of Goodwin Community Centre Indianapolis
lots more links on here.

Site found by Isabella, who wants to become a Historian.
Excellent guide to genealogy, with lots of links.

Site found by Abby & Brittney.
A fantastic reference guide

Site found by after school centre

Site found by school

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A new website for genealogy
found by Sarah Coner
Another found by Sarah Coner

Found by Laura

Found by Jessica

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